Landlord Information


When it comes to managing properties, it doesn’t cost anymore to choose our Specialists!

We manage our properties using a Specialised Management model. This model identifies the key areas involved in the management of property & our specialized agents have a tailored approach to property management. The benefits our Investors receive is stability and consistency in the management of their property centered around their needs, second to none!

EXPERIENCED PROPERTY MANAGERS Blend together seamlessly, known for their level headed, articulate resourceful personalities as well as having the ability to listen and communicate. Our team is proactive and knowledgeable across the latest industry standards of the Residential Tenancies Act.  Communication is essential as a large part of our property managers role is to ensure that our investor landlords are represented with honesty & integrity.

WHAT DO WE DO FOR YOU? Simple, we treat your home like we own it. One of the reasons WILSONBRITTEN is the right fit for you, is that our goal is to give our investors the freedom to enjoy their best life, by ensuring that your asset is well protected you can relax.

When looking for a new tenant your home is showcased to its best ability with many high quality photos, online advertising with mainstream platforms such as, domain, our own WILSONBRITTEN web site, social media, rental lists and of course if you would like a for lease sign erected at the property.

We personally show all prospective tenants the property and give you feedback after every inspection. With a 100pt identification requirement, thorough screening of every applicant, a successful preferred tenant system also helps get you the right tenant, as well foot traffic into our main street location is high. The Tenant selection is yours to make and once the details are set out for the tenancy and deposit paid, the ball is really rolling, an in depth in-going inspection report with numerous photos, additional annexures in the lease within the guidelines of NSWFT are all high priorities to us helping you achieve your goal.

Working with you to establish a budgeted maintenance schedule with regular periodic inspections & reported maintenance items helps to ensure your home is always looked after. 

We have modern account and trust systems ensuring rent collection is always on time and if ever your tenant failed to pay rent we will work between yourself and your tenant to achieve any rent arrears are paid in a timely manner.

We can pay any maintenance invoices, rates or outgoings on your behalf, you can even use our address as your mailing address for any bills to be paid for the property and we can pay you your rent monies twice a month or at the end of each month the choice is yours.

Your Privacy is our best policy, to protect and hold your information in the strictest confidence and without your written permission we will never release any information to another party.

OUR BUSINESS AGENT: Ahead of the rest, by constantly monitoring current market trends, ensuring your rent is always at the best return achievable for your investment. Ensuring all marketing opportunities are maximized, high quality photos, your choice to have 4 lease sign and advertising on main stream websites such as & showcasing your investment to its best. Our office has a prominent main street presence with ample parking allowing for clients to visit and discuss their investment needs. With extensive knowledge of Local, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast areas we can help maximize your rental return.

UNHAPPY WITH YOUR CURRENT REAL ESTATE? We offer a tailored and specialized service to make the transition to change agents seamless, it is as easy as one phone call to us and we can do the rest!

OUR OFFICE MANAGER: Debbie Johnson, oversees the team, implementing up to date procedures, initiating accounts, payments & financial reporting for the Agency & smooth running of operations is what makes us a great Agency of choice. Deb works alongside Principal Matthew Wilson, ensuring our Clients receive heightened customer service experiences, met with latest systems & ongoing training to each staff member in their role.

EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE and  RELATIONSHIPS coupled with regular professional development ensures each team member perfects their skills and truly becomes a Specialized Property Investment Manager, our landlords can rest assure that the ongoing management of their property is always in safe hands.